Solve critical business issues with our GRC packages

Navigate today’s challenging and complex governance landscape using GRCReady. We have assembled a suite of complimentary tools, templates, resources and guidance to assist your organisation implement a sound governance framework. Each suite contains the baseline resources you need to establish and build on key areas of your business.

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

All of our product suites align with best practice principles and cover some of the key business risks assessed by the world’s leading consulting firms such as cyber security, board governance, managing ever changing business risks, business continuity, data privacy and identity theft not to mention poor strategic project delivery.

Environment Social Governance (ESG)

Successful organisations tend to set high, but fair standards and fully accept both the economic and moral rationale for implementing ESG targets.  Conversely, those that perform poorly in environmental, social, and governance criteria are more likely to endure materially adverse events which can result in substantial value destruction. Our suite of products provide a solid basis for ESG systems that will provide long term financial benefit for organisations and investors.



The products contained in these packages are offered here at a significant discount to the catalogue price. They are great value for those organisations looking for a single point solution to their governance needs.