Social Responsibility

The social landscape is increasingly more reputation driven. Consumers and investors are starting to consider, in their support for investment criteria, an organisation’s social strategies. The combination of these two groups paying attention to social issues can create a disastrous picture for organisations who ignore the idea of social reputation management. While more investors are looking at how companies perform on issues such as human rights or the ethical conduct of global supply chains, their ability to scrutinise social issues such as labour relations on a day-to-day basis is hampered. Consumer expectations for quality products has increased in recent years, and data breaches have also been a social concern, with that trend showing no indication of slowing down. Social issues have taken on a new level of importance in the public sphere, requiring organisations to exercise the utmost care to address legitimate issues and avoid a public relations disaster and potential legal liability.

      With this suite, you will find guidance on:

  1. Consumer engagement and loyalty
  2. Data protection and privacy
  3. Gender and diversity in the workplace
  4. Employee Culture
  5. Community and stakeholder relations
  6. Human rights and modem slavery
  7. Labour standards
  8. Supply chain management

Social Responsibility

0. Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility
1. Community Investment & Engagement Policy
2. Government Relations Policy
3. Government Relations (Aust.) Policy
4. Indigenous Participation Policy
5. Customer Service Policy
6. Customer Service Charter
7. Customer Satisfaction Risk Assessment Questionnaire
8. Customer Needs Risk Assessment Questionnaire
9. Complaint Handling Procedure
10. Information Technology Committee Charter
11. Information Security Risk Assessment Matrix
12. Information Privacy Procedure
13. GDPR Privacy Policy
14. Data Privacy Risk Internal Control Questionnaire
15. Code of Conduct
16. Corporate Code of Conduct (Option 2)
17. Corporate Culture Questionnaire
18. Organisational Culture Survey
19. SME Culture Assessment

20. Directors Responsibility for Fostering Diversity & Inclusiveness
21. Diversity Competence Checklist
22. Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti Discrimination Policy
23. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plan
24. Women’s Leadership Initiative Steering Committee Charter
25. Business Integrity Committee Charter
26. Directors Responsibility for Human Rights in Communities
27. Human Rights Policy
28. Modern Slavery Policy
29. Managing Modern Slavery in Business Operations Assessment
30. Directors Responsibility for Workplace Obligations
31. Harassment & Bullying Policy
32. Management of Union Activities Policy
33. People Policy
34. Sexual Harassment Policy
35. Directors Responsibility for Monitoring Procurement
36. Procurement Guidelines
37. Supplier Selection Guidelines
38. Supply Chain Security Policy & Procedure
39. Third Party Supplier & Intermediary Code of Conduct


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