Board Governance

Good corporate governance can be difficult to implement but on the other hand, poor governance can lead to really bad outcomes. This suite contains the key documents that every organisation should implement in order to have an effective Board Governance process. 

      With this suite you will find guidance on:
  1. Board mandates and charters
  2. Roles and accountabilities
  3. Logistics and Board member conduct
  4. Board performance measures 

Board Governance

0. Overview of Board Governance
1. Board Charter and Mandate
2. Board Responsibility for Governance
3. Board Capability Assessment
4. Board Recruitment & Diversity Policy & Procedure
5. Board Skills Matrix
6. Board Attendance Policy & Procedure
7. Board Conflict of Interest Policy
8. Board Nomination Committee Charter
9. Board Member Nomination Form
10. Conduct of Board Meetings Policy & Procedure & KPIs
11. Board Member Induction Policy
12. Code of Conduct for Directors & Senior Executives
13. Director Competency Assessment
14. Board Development Plan
15. Board Fundraising Policy

16. Board of Directors Performance Evaluation
17. Board Office Bearers Policy
18. Circular Resolution Policy
19. Board Calendar Template
20. Board Confidentiality Policy & Procedure
21. Board Grievance & Dispute Resolution Policy
22. Board Meeting Agenda Template
23. Board Risk Appetite Statement
24. Board Paper Template
25. Board & Management Operational Performance Diagnostic
26. Board Scheduler
27. Director Remuneration Policy
28. Continuous Disclosure Policy & Procedure
29. Board Interview Guide for Prospective CEOs
30. Board Dispute Resolution Policy & Procedure
31. Position Description for Board Member & Other


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