Data Governance & Analytics

Smart data-driven organisations are increasingly leveraging their data assets to derive real-time insights enabling rapid decision-making about new opportunities and emerging threats. This suite contains key resources that every organisation needs to get started on their data-led journey.

      With this suite you will find guidance on:
  1. Data governance guidance
  2. Data quality and management practices
  3. Data roles and responsibilities
  4. Test suites for core financial functions

Data Governance & Analytics

0. Overview of Data Governance and Assurance Analytics
1. Data Quality and Governance Committee Charter
2. Data Management Policy
3. Information Governance Policy
4. Data Quality Maturity Model
5. Data Quality Maturity Self Assessment
6. Data Quality Assessment Checklist
7. Data Classification and Usage Procedure
8. Data Storage Procedure
9. Information Asset Register
10. Building an Assurance Analytics Capability
11. Data Analytics Maturity Self Assessment Questionnaire
12. Position Description for Chief Data and Analytics Officer
13. Position Description for Data Steward
14. Position Description for Database Administrator
15. Position Description for Data Analytics Manager
16. Position Description for Data Analyst

17. Assurance Analytics Delivery Framework
18. Data Analytics – Pre Analysis Questionnaire
19. Pre – Analytics Data Specification Checklist
20. Data Analytics Quality Assurance Guidelines
21. Data Analysis Report Structure
22. Data Analysis Request Form
23. Introduction to Data Analysis Training
24. Accounts Payable Analysis Test Suite
25. Payroll Analysis Test Suite
26. Revenue Analysis Test Suite
27. Supplier Management Analysis Test Suite
28. Employee Transaction Analysis Test Suite
29. Fixed Assets Analysis Test Suite
30. Inventory Analysis Test Suite
31. Financial Controls and Reporting Analysis Test Suite
32. Credit Card Transaction Test Suite


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