Health & Safety Governance

The Board and executive are best placed to ensure that the company effectively manages health and safety. They should provide the necessary leadership and are responsible for the major decisions that must influence health and safety: the strategic direction, securing and allocating resources and ensuring the company has appropriate people, systems and equipment.

      With this suite you will find guidance on:
  1. Board Health and Safety committee mandates
  2. Practical OHS policies and procedures
  3. OHS response and remediation templates
  4. OHS role descriptions and guidelines
  5. OHS assessment and audit checklists

Health & Safety Governance

0. Overview of Health and Safety Governance Framework
1. OH&S Committee Terms of Reference
2. Record of OHS Meetings
3. OHS Legal Compliance Policy
4. Fitness for Work Policy
5. Health Safety & Security of Overseas Personnel Policy
6. OHS Safety Management Reviews Policy
7. Safety & Security Policy and Procedures
8. Work Health & Safety Policy & Procedure
9. OH&S Objectives & Target Setting Procedure
10. OHS Auditing Procedure
11. Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
12. OH&S Management Planning Procedure
13. Emergency Response Procedure
14. Fatigue Management Procedure
15. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Procedure
16. Health & Safety of Contractors Procedure
17. Health Safety & Security When Working Overseas Procedure
18. Incident & Injury Reporting Policy & Procedure
19. OH&S Consultative Arrangements Procedure
20. Position Description for OHS Manager

21. Position Description for OHS Auditor
22. Position Description for OHS Officer
23. Safety Culture Commitment Maturity Model
24. OH&S Responsibilities Guidelines
25. Safety Culture Commitment Maturity Assessment Framework
26. Safety Culture Assessment
27. Occupational Health & Safety ICQ
28. Health & Safety Self Assessment
29. OHS Management System Audit Program
30. OHS Management System Audit Program (AS 4801)
31. Emergency Management Checklist
32. Workplace Inspection Checklist
33. Qualification and License Record Register
34. Accident Incident Report Form
35. Hazard Control Register
36. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Issue Register
37. Investigation Outcome and Root Cause (RCA) Template
38. Root Cause Analysis Template
38. Root Cause Analysis Report
40. Incident Investigation Form


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