Environmental Sustainability

An organisation’s environmental impact should be continuously evaluated in areas such as: energy consumed for operations, the pollution emitted, waste produced, the conservation of natural resources such as water, and biological diversity. Any evaluation should take into consideration the outputs of an organisation in terms of what and how much it produces versus the sustainability of the resources that the organisation requires to operate its processes. Environmental criteria is increasingly being used as a tool to exclude certain industries, countries, products, or services from investment portfolios. An organisation has a variety of things to review when considering their environmental impact. It could be environmental risks related to its ownership of contaminated land, its disposal of hazardous waste, its management of toxic emissions or its compliance with the government’s environmental regulations. Globally, environmental sustainability is no longer negotiable.

With this suite, you will find guidance on:

  1. Environmentally responsible business
  2. Climate change and carbon emissions
  3. Air and water pollution
  4. Biological diversity
  5. Land rehabilitation and stewardship
  6. Energy efficiency
  7. Waste management
  8. Water scarcity

Environmental Sustainability

0. Overview of Environmental Sustainability
1. Sustainability Commitments
2. Data Management Policy
3. Air Quality Protection Policy
4. Biodiversity Policy
5. Climate Change Policy
6. Energy Policy
7. Energy Reduction Policy
8. Energy Planning Guidelines
9. Environment Policy
10. Environment Policy & Procedure
11. Environmental Remediation Policy
12. Environmental Sustainability Policy & Procedure
13. Land Stewardship Policy
14. Land Rehabilitation Management Plan
15. Green Sourcing Policy
16. Waste Management Policy
17. Waste Management Procedure
18. Water Management Policy
19. Water Management Plan

20. Directors Responsibility for Land Stewardship & Use
21. Directors Responsibility for Managing Biodiversity
22. Directors Responsibility for Managing Energy Use & Climate Change
23. Directors Responsibility for Managing Waste
24. Directors Responsibility for Protecting Water Supplies
25. Environmental Risk Assessment Template
26. Environmental Risk & Impact Register
27. Environmental Management System Implementation Checklist
28. Environmental Management Audit Program
29. Energy Usage Audit Checklist
30. Sustainability ICQ
31. Sustainable Development Internal Control Questionnaire
32. Guide to Setting Environmental Objectives & Targets
33. Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
34. Sustainability Report Template
35. Soft Skills Training – Environmental Sustainability Awareness
36. Chief Sustainability Officer Position Description
37. Sustainability Manager Position Description
38. Green Office Policy
39. Green Cleaning Policy & Procedure


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