Project Governance

Governance in project management gives structure to the whole process. It ensures that the project is aligned with business goals; and the right project is undertaken at the right time. During the lifetime of the project, good governance safeguards that the project stays on target, reducing the risk of failure. This suite contains the key documents that every organisation will need to implement in order to lay the foundation for successful project delivery.

      With this suite you will find guidance on:
  1. Committee charters and reporting templates
  2. Project Management tools and templates
  3. Project assessment and audit tools
  4. Project Role descriptions
  5. Basic Project Training material

Project Governance

0. Overview of Project Governance Framework
1. Project Steering Committee Charter
2. Project Office Terms of Reference
3. Preparation Executive Committee (ExCo) Papers Guidelines
4. Project Management Maturity Model
5. Project Change Management Maturity Model
6. Project Stakeholder Engagement
7. Core Project Team KPIs
8. Project Audit Methodology
9. Project Management Roles
10. Position Description for Project Manager
11. Soft Skills Training – Project Management Essentials
12. Project Health Check Questionnaire
13. Project Risk Considerations
14. Project Risk Wheel
15. Project Management Program Audit Checklist
16. Project Management Audit Program
17. Project Risk Assessment Audit Checklist
18. User Requirements Program Audit Checklist
19. Design Program Audit Checklist

20. Health Check for Plan & Design Phase
21. Project Build Phase Audit Checklist
22. Project Concept Phase Audit Checklist
23. Project Development Audit Program
24. Business Change Program Audit
25. IT Functional Requirements Audit Checklist
26. Project Implementation Phase Audit Checklist
27. Project Expenditure Internal Control Assessment
28. Project Status Meeting Agenda
29. Test Execution Program Audit Checklist
30. IT Project Management Checklist
31. Project Management Risk and Controls
32. Project Workstream Charter
33. Project Schedule Management Plan
34. Project Issues Management
35. Project Communication Plan
36. Project Data Protection Impact Assessment
37. Project Closure Workshop Presentation
38. Project Lessons Learned Checklist


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