Managing My Customers

Why is customer management important?

SMBs must treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to make a positive impression, and show customers that the company genuinely cares about their needs. The right tools and data can help – enabling even small staff numbers to perform a large set of customer service activities effectively, thereby providing consistent and high-quality customer service experiences. The challenge many organisations have is managing key areas that  drive customer satisfaction and retention efficiently. 

Clients are at the heart of any business. And small to medium sized businesses are no exception. The people buying your products or services are the lifeblood of your daily operations. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to grow your business, get valuable feedback, pay your staff, or have that much-deserved vacation.

Customers and clients are always looking for a delightful experience, no matter what kind of services or products you offer. With ever-increasing competition, capitalising on the opportunities to build a loyal customer base and improve customer engagement is the need of the hour. A customer relationship governance system is what a business should implement to deliver improved profit and market growth.

What contributes to good customer management?

Any organisation can devel­op good supplier gov­er­nance prac­tices. The key is to under­stand the foun­da­tions of good supplier management and how these will apply to your company.  

The following areas should be considered:

1. Customer strategy and marketing plan
2. Customer policies, procedures and guidelines
3. Customer satisfaction management and feedback
4. Customer Relationship Management
5. Sales and customer reporting

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