Investigating Workplace Misconduct Package


0. Overview of Workplace Investigation Framework
1. Business Integrity Committee Charter
2. Investigation Strategy & Planning
3. Internal Investigation Policy
4. Investigation Policy
5. Employee Counselling & Disciplinary Procedure
6. Investigation Procedures
7. The Investigation Process
8. Investigating Workplace Misconduct Guidelines
9. Investigation Guidelines
10. Investigation Management Methodology
11. Investigation Classification Criteria
12. Position Description for Investigations Manager
13. Position Description for Investigator
14. Soft Skills Training – Investigation Basics
15. Soft Skills Training – Investigation Management
16. Soft Skills Training – Evidence Collection & Handling
17. Soft Skills Training – Fraud Related Offences
18. Soft Skills Training – Anton Pillar Orders & Mareva Injunctions
19. Soft Skills Training – Note Taking & Notebooks
20. Soft Skills Training – Witness Statements
21. Investigation Preliminary Assessment
22. Internal Investigation Checklist
23. Business Integrity Incident Register
24. Document Preservation Notice
25. Investigation Report
26. External Consultant Investigations Scoping Template
27. Guide to Seizing Exhibits in an Investigation
28. Property and Exhibits Register
29. Employee Confidentiality Notice
30. Witness Statement Template
31. The Interview Process
32. Investigation Register
33. Disclosure Hotline Investigation Report
34. Investigation Progress Report
35. Record of Interview
36. Termination of Employment Letter (Misconduct)



The prevalence of workplace misconduct within organisations is on the rise and given the number of recent cases before the Fair Work Commission, employers need to be aware of the pitfalls to avoid before, during and after investigations. This bundle contains key resources that every organisation needs to deal with a workplace investigation. Included in this suite you will find guidance on:

  1. Business integrity mandate and policies
  2. Investigation strategy and planning
  3. Delivery of investigation outcomes
  4. Investigator training
  5. Managing the investigative process