Internal Audit Package


0. Internal Audit – A Good Investment Bundle Overview
1. Introduction to Business Assurance (Internal Audit)
2. Internal Audit needs analysis – from key stakeholders
3. Internal Audit maturity level assessment as indicated by stakeholders
4. Operating model recommendation – In-house; outsource or co-source
5. Charter for Governance Committee
6. Audit and Non-Audit Services Policy
7. Business Assurance/ Internal Audit Charter
8. Business Assurance Implementation Plan
9. Internal Audit Competency Profiles
10. Internal Audit Sample Values
11. Objectives and KPIs for the Internal Audit function
12. Internal Audit Function Checklist
13. Structure and the size of the IA function
14. Role descriptions (CAE, Audit Manager, Auditor, IT Audit Manager)
15. Internal Audit vs Business Role Alignment
16. Internal Audit Quarterly 360-Degree Feedback
17. Internal Audit annual planning methodology
18. Internal Audit Execution Methodology
19. Audit Efficiency using Data Analysis Guidelines
20. Audit Issues Development
21. Soft Skills Training – Internal Controls
22. Soft Skills Training – Interview Techniques
23. Audit issue rating criteria
24. Internal Audit Procedure
25. Internal Audit Quality Control Process
26. Audit Finding & Root cause analysis process
27. Legal Privilege
28. Audit Committee Survey for Internal Audit Performance
29. Project audit approach
30. Audit/Advisory Committee report template
31. Internal Audit Report template
32. Customer satisfaction assessment


Internal Audit is a cornerstone of good corporate governance in organisations and can play an important role to improve management and accountability, both financial and non–financial. Internal audit can be a pivotal activity to provide assurance to the board, the audit committee, the executive, and stakeholders that the organisation is governed effectively. With this suite you will find guidance on:

  1. Board Audit Committee mandate and charters
  2. Roles and accountabilities
  3. Customer focused surveys and alignment
  4. Audit delivery guidance and quality control