Training & Development

Why is staff training and development important?

A training and development program is an investment. It’s a way to build up the skills of your workforce in order to maximise their potential and increase the likelihood that they will stay with your company for a long time. Training and development programs give employees new knowledge, which can make them more valuable to you.

Improved employee performance is a huge positive for a small and medium business, as it will mean a faster turn-around time of projects and delivering a better customer service. Training your staff in their areas of expertise is a sure-fire way to boost their confidence and performance levels.

Establishing a training program in a small company brings a lot of benefits, but it also comes with challenges. Small businesses, for example, often cannot afford the luxury of a whole team – or even just one person – completely dedicated to training and development. Rather, it is necessary to find ways to integrate training into everyday work and determine how it could be beneficial to others, optimising their time and resources.

What governance training should we be offering to employees?

The first question business owner often ask is “What kind of training are we going to offer?” For most businesses, training still means teaching technical skills or so-called hard skills. This may work for large companies that can afford to take employees with limited knowledge of the work and organise intensive training programmes.

However, in small and medium companies, training is geared towards people who already know every aspect of their work and role. This module covers the following training areas:

1. Training policies and procedures
2. Staff training needs assessment and evaluation tools
3. Training modules on:

  • Ethics
  • Managing staff
  • Data Privacy
  • Appropriate company computer practices
  • Customer management
  • Safety at work
  • Other business practices

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