Cyber Security Package


0. Overview of Cyber Security
1. Cyber Breach Resilience Board Communications
2. Cyber Resilience Best Practices
3. Cloud Security Policy
4. Social Engineering Awareness Policy
5. Security Response Plan Policy
6. Cyber Incident Response Procedure
7. Information Security Risk Assessment Matrix
8. Position Description for Information Security Manager
9. Position Description for Chief Information & Security Officer
10. Cyber Breach Resilience Culture Assessment
11. Protecting Web Applications & Users Guidelines
12. Travelling Overseas with IT Device Guidelines
13. Web Conferencing Security Guidelines
14. Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Guidelines
15. Detecting Socially Engineered Messages Guidelines
16. Mitigating Drive-by Download Guidelines
17. Detecting Fake Email Guidelines
18. Assessing Security Vulnerabilities and Applying Patches Guidelines
19. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication Guidelines
20. Data Spill Management Guidelines
21. Information Security Guidelines
22. Mitigating the Use of Stolen Credentials Guidelines
23. Preparing for and Responding to Denial-of-Service Attacks Guidelines
24. Cyber Health Check Questionnaire
25. Cyber Information Security Self Assessment
26. Remote Access to Operational Technology Environments Guidelines
27. Cyber Security Audit Program
28. Cloud Security Assessment Report Template
29. Notification of an Eligible Data Breach
30. Security Incident Response Plan
31. Assessing Cyber Security Posture
32. Soft Skills Training – Hacked Accounts
33. Soft Skills Training – Identity Theft & Fraud
34. Soft Skills Training – Malware & Botnets
35. Soft Skills Training – Spam & Phishing



Cyber security risks are increasing, driven by global connectivity and the use of cloud services to store sensitive data. Data breaches and cyber attacks are also on the rise causing irreversible reputational damage.  Gone are the days of simple firewall and antivirus software as the sole security measures. Included in this suite you will find guidance on:

  1. Cyber Governance mandates
  2. Cyber resilience measures
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Responding to incidents
  5. Tools for staff training