GDPR ‘Premium’ Package

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1. Overview of GDPR (Free Download)
GDPR Implementation
1. Data Subjects Request Register (GDPR)
2. Project Plan for Complying with GDPR (Free Download)
3. GDPR Position Statement
4. Mapping GDPR to ISO27001
5. Legitimate Interest Assessment Guidance (GDPR)
6. Training Needs Analysis (GDPR)
7. European Data Protection Authorities Listing (GDPR)
Personal Data Policy Framework
1. Personal Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
2. Data Retention Policy (GDPR)
3. Data Retention Register (GDPR)
4. Data Subjects Request Register (GDPR)
Privacy Notices
1. Privacy Notice (GDPR)
2. Privacy Policy (GDPR)
3. Privacy Complaint Response Letter (GDPR)
Mapping of Processing Activities
1. Record of Processing Activities (GDPR)
2. Guidance for Register of Processing Activities (GDPR)
3. Data Processing Information Request – Article 15 (GDPR)
4. Data Processing Activities Register (GDPR)
Managing Data Subject Rights
1. Managing Data Subject Rights (GDPR)
2. Data Subject Access Procedure (GDPR)
3. Data Subject Access Request Procedure (GDPR)
4. Data Subject Access Request Form (GDPR)
5. Right to Erasure Request (GDPR)
6. Data Subject Rights Log of Requests (GDPR)
Data Protection Impact Assessment
1. Data Protection Impact Assessment Guidance (GDPR)
2. Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure (GDPR)
3. GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment (GDPR)
4. Data Protection Impact Assessment Register (GDPR)
Personal Data Transfers
1.International Transfers of Personal Data Procedure (GDPR)
2. Standard Contractual Clauses for International Transfers from Controller to Processor (GDPR)
3. Article 27 EU Representative Agreement (GDPR)
4. Appointment of EU Representative Letter (GDPR)


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